Rholang is a
new concurrent language
performant language
blockchain language
language for distributed computing
community language

Rholang is an open and scalable blockchain language designed for speed and reliability. Build on latest research from the reflective high order calculus.


compile code written in

  • complete asynchronous language
  • runtime engine written in type safe language (scala)
  • concurrency build into the language

propose smart-contract to the global distributed Rchain network

  • types of interaction bounded by namespaces
  • sharding for validators
  • asynchronous notification for names in a contract
  • scalable DAG structure (Directed Acyclic Graph)

The language you've been waiting for

Rholang is build on the latest research on concurrent languages. Up to now all functional languages are built on the lambda calculus. With Rholang we built a new language on top of the reflective high order calculus (rho-calculus). This leads to a full concurrent language, with a very simple and safe way for developers to write concurrent code. Rholang is a new calculus from research led by Greg Meredith inspired from the pi-calculus.

A new consensus layer

Most blockchains are running serial like a chain, with that, throughput is very limited. Rchain is using DAGs (directed acyclic graphs) that have a tree like structure and scale massively. Further Rchain uses proof of stake from research led by Greg Meredith, Kent Shikama, Christian Williams and Vlad Zamfir. The research solves current problems in Pos (Proof of stake) algorithms. Additional Rholang code is fully verified and the whole Rchain project code is written in Scala. With that Rholang is currently the only language, where the DAO Bug with Ethereum would have not happened.

A large community

The community for Rholang is the Rchain community. Rchain is founded as a cooperative with the democratic thinking in mind - one member - one vote. With more than 1500 registered members, Rchain elects new board seats and functions as a decentralized cooperation.

Build for dApp developers

The Rholang developer ecosystem is growing. With a new type-safe api, dApps can be written for Rchain. Many dApps like RChain-Status, Dappy, MyRchainWallet, nth-caller-game, RSign, RCat and many more are developed by the community. Tutorials and an upgraded RNode API makes it easy for new developer to come onboard.

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Everything you need to get up and running.

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πŸ“” Tutorials

Read tutorials from the community and learn Rholang

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πŸ“’ Development updates

Read the latest development updates

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🌟 Rchain Developer Page

Ressources for developer

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🚩 Rchain Blog

Keep up to date with new blog posts

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πŸ“Ή Youtube Development Updates

Watch every Wednesday the development updates from Rchain

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πŸ“Ή CASPER Development Research

Watch the latest research development led by Greg Meredith

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πŸ“” Blockchain 101

Get into Blockchain for starters

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☁️ Rholang Cloud

Try to write Rholang code and compile it online

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πŸ’Ό Rchain Wallet

Community driven Rchain Wallet

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πŸ’Ό Rui Wallet

China community driven Rchain Wallet for chrome

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πŸ’Ό Capo Wallet

Community driven Rchain Wallet for android

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πŸ“‘ Rchain Blockchain Explorer

Watch the network live

A better way to build apps for distributed computing

Rholang makes it simple & fast to build modern dApps.

new helloworld, stdout(`rho:io:stdout`) in {
  contract helloworld( world ) = {
    for( @msg <- world )
    { stdout!(msg) }

  | new world, world2 in {
    | world!("Hello World")
    | helloworld!(*world2)
    | world2!("Hello World again")

Latest from Rholang blog

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RNode Web API: OpenAPI / Swagger

The core team is working on web api documentation Β· Issue #2974. So I drafted rnode-openapi.json. Put that in the Swagger UI and you can explore the API in detail: You can even run rholang examples

Posted 21. September 2020 ~1 min read

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RNode explore-deploy bash script using jq

A small demo for a explore-deploy bash script using jq

Posted 14. September 2020 ~1 min read

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The role of types in refactoring the internet and Structural type theory of higher-order languages

A joint talk with Greg Meredith of RChain and Christian Williams from UC Riverside

Posted 6. August 2020

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Structural types for algebraic theories

MIT Category Theory Seminar with Christian Williams

Posted 21. July 2020 ~1 min read

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RChain Community Debrief 169: Metamask interop demo

Debrief 169 features a Metamask interop demo

Posted 11. March 2020 ~1 min read

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RChain Mainnet is live πŸŒŸπŸŽ‰

Posted 25. February 2020 ~1 min read

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Greg Meredith is joined by Isaac DeFrain and Christian Williams to discuss the final stages before Mainnet launch.

Posted 9. October 2019 ~17 min read

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David Snyder, who co-wrote β€œKnots as processes: a new kind of invariant,” with Greg Meredith, joins the call along with Isaac DeFrain and Christian Williams.

Posted 21. August 2019 ~20 min read

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Greg Meredith discusses calculating the square root with Isaac DeFrain and Christian Williams.

Posted 14. August 2019 ~25 min read

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Greg Meredith is joined by Isaac DeFrain and Christian Williams to discuss RChain research on Casper. The slides and transcript are below.

Posted 11. April 2019 ~24 min read

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This is part of a series of interviews conducted during RCon3, featuring individuals that have contributed to the RChain ecosystem.

Posted 1. November 2018 ~3 min read